Agoraphobia Cured – A true story of genuine recovery and practical manual for anyone who wishes to overcome panic attacks and agoraphobia – Free for anyone to read.



Agoraphobia Cured Book


Agoraphobia Cured - My complete book, free for anyone to read.

Chapter / Step Page
Introduction - Plans, methods, treatments and solutions are nothing without action.1
What is agoraphobia?2
The writer's story.6
What is wrong with you? - A proper explanation.16
How to get well again - Reverse the cycle.25
Make sure that you understand exactly what is wrong with you.31
Accept and stop fighting.32
Face the fear - Do not run away.38
Float through panic.42
Stop 2nd fear.44
Experience the imaginary moment of ultimate fear - The door to freedom.49
Develop Right-Action-Readiness56
Get up, get out and go.59
Look for and do not avoid fearful places.63
Allow time to pass.66
Impressions of the method.71
Swamp your mind with the truth.77
Expect and deal with apprehension.80
Make opportunities to practice - Set everything else in life aside.84
Stop wasting time looking for sympathy.87
Allow yourself lots of rest and relaxation.91
Look and feel new.92
Establish a routine.93
Discuss reducing medication with your doctor.95
Balance your diet.98
Increase your vitamin B and glucose intake.100
Reduce your caffeine intake.106
Increase your daily exercise.108
Reduce your alcohol intake.110
Indulge in a little faith.112
Stop worrying about why you became ill.115
Expect and welcome setbacks.118
Life after agoraphobia.129
A letter to your spouse, partner or friend.132
Positive statements141

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  12 Responses to “My Free Book”

  1. Thank You for this. I have anxiety disorder and agoraphobia for 10 years now. Claire Weekes does a great job in her books. This past year has been my worst, however I am hopeful that I can overcome this. It certainly helps to have someone share that they overcome it. Thank you.

  2. Thank you so much for freely sharing this amazing information and you’re story of achievement. Thankfully I have only suffered from panic attacks but the feelings are so similar and I am looking forward to obtaining my mental freedom from reading your valued information.

  3. Hello Marius,

    My name is Angie and I discovered your online book last November. It’s hard to believe it was almost a year ago. I just need to tell you that it has changed my life, and my daughters life.

    We are still working the system so to speak, and it has been a long rough road, but I went from being completely house bound for 2 years, and not having driven in 5 years, to having just bought a vehicle 3 weeks ago and driving further every day.

    I am 44 and my daughter is 22, and I have no idea how it affected us both, but agoraphobia certainly did. We each suffer it a little different but many things are the same and we don’t even live in the same household.
    I had my first panic attack in 2006 and then was on all kinds of meds and higher doses for the next 5 years. My quality of life was just diminished and soon I couldn’t work or drive then eventually I couldn’t leave the home.

    In 2012 I finally gave up all meds, and began researching, fighting for my life basically, since the only thing the doctors wanted to do was keep me on meds.

    I’ve been off medicine now for two years, I quit smoking two years ago and don’t drink ….I’m completely 100% just doing all of this sober I guess you could say. I learned to eat right and I did weekly sessions of therapy over the phone with a gal that lives in another state….and then I found your book.

    I couldn’t get the information to my daughter fast enough when I first discovered your book, I knew the minute I started reading it that it was a gift from God. It was time. I had done everything else I knew to get better and now it was time to put one foot in front of the other and begin to leave my house.
    I used to cry because I could see my mail box but couldn’t check the mail without severe panic. I couldn’t grocery shop. Anyway, I could go on and on…but I wont.

    I just wanted to write you and thank you and tell you that you have changed two lives here. In fact, one of my first times out practicing I walked down to the library (as I would try to breathe and float and welcome the panic) and I printed out your book so I could highlight things and have it with me any time I needed it.

    Take care and thank you again for taking the time to write and post a book that is free for those who are willing to try. God bless.


  4. thank you so much for providing this ..

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m in the active stages of recovery from panic and agoraphobia now having been on the merry go round for a number of years! I’m determined and confident I can achieve the same level of freedom that you have in time. I’m incredibly grateful for you sharing your story plus all the amazing and helpful advice on how to fully recover. Complete cure stories are seemingly in short supply and it’s incredibly inspirational to read yours. Thank you Marius!!

    • You are welcome Natasha, Glad the book helped.

    • Hi Marius! I just wanted to stop by and say that since my last post here in 2014, I now have been working for 5 months! Your book has forever changed my life and has been the best tool in my recovery process.

      I am just very thankful because I have my life back and even though I still have some hard moments, I know how to get through them and let them pass and they are fewer and farther between. I know now that full recovery is possible and I’m so close now.

      Thank you again and best wishes,


  6. Thank you so much for all the help and effort and time you took to write this book.

    God bless you

  7. Marius,

    As another poster noted earlier, your book is a gift from Gd. I am so incredibly grateful for having found this literature, as it has already saved my life. I was able to wait on a long line today for the first time in a year, and am looking forward to floating through the rest of my fears. Ironically, I am an anxiety disorder therapist and have a long history of panic attacks, but developed agoraphobia this past year due to pregnancy. I lost my way but your book is helping me on my path to wellness-bless you!!!

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