Aug 112016
Agoraphobia book translation
With this website, I encourage sufferers who are actively using the Dr. Weekes method to recover.
My free book has for many years consistently helped English speaking agoraphobia agoraphobics all over the world. However, I am often contacted by those who speak other languages, and it frustrates me to have to tell them that I can’t communicate with them.
Therefore, I am now on a mission to make my book available to non-English speakers by translating it into other languages.
This is an expensive project, but one which can be achieved with your support and without any additional cost to you.
 If my book helped you in any way to discover Dr Weekes and her teachings and to recover from agoraphobia, then please visit my support page to see the different ways that you can help me to reach and help foreign language sufferers.
Thank you.

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