Dr. Claire Weekes Books.

These are the Dr Weekes books and tapes that I used to recover from agoraphobia. They are available from most on-line book stores.

Peace From Nervous Suffering

Peace From Nervous Suffering book cover

This is the main book that I used to recover from agoraphobia, and I highly recommend it. Written specifically for agoraphobia sufferers, this book contains everything one needs to know in order to recover.

Included is a full explanation by Dr. Weekes of what sensitization, panic attacks and agoraphobia is, and how it tricks a sufferer into a perpetual cycle self-sustaining illness. It then goes on to explain how recovery is achieved by reversing the cycle and how to do it. The book also contains accounts of the struggles and successes of her many patients as well as much encouragement and support.

I read this book many, many times, highlighted all the passages that resonated well with me, and took it with me everywhere I went for at least a year, and have periodically re-read and referred back to it during the course of the last 40 years. I am absolutely sure that without the knowledge that I acquired from this book, I would never have recovered.

Hope and Help for your Nerves

Hope and Help for your Nerves book cover

In this book, Dr. Weekes goes to great length to explain what sensitization is and how it manifests itself into the many unpleasant symptoms that are experienced by one suffering from any degree of nervousness, depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

Acquiring this understanding was a critical step in my recovery as it took the edge off my fear and demystified what was wrong with me. It also very importantly revealed to me that I was not alone and that instead; there were many others all over the world experiencing the same symptoms.

She then goes on to explain to a sufferer how to accept and float through the symptoms and in so doing cause the sensitization to subside and eventually go away.

I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to recover from nervous illness and also as an essential stepping stone to  beat  agoraphobia.

Pass through Panic 

Pass through panic tape cover

This is an audio recording of a weekly series of radio broadcasts that Dr. Weekes made to reach distant sufferers of anxiety and panic attacks. I listened to her recordings while driving my car to reinforce my understanding of her methods and to saturate my subconscious mind with her words of encouragement. I also found that being able to actually hear her voice and the passion behind it, motivated me to stay on track with what I had to do to recover.

All books and audio produced by Dr Weekes are available on-line for most major booksellers.

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  1. This is one of the best self-help books, ever, for anxiety