• From Joe on Dr Weekes Books

    This is one of the best self-help books, ever, for anxiety
  • From Masha on My Free Book


    As another poster noted earlier, your book is a gift from Gd. I am so incredibly grateful for having found this literature, as it has already saved my life. I was able to wait on a long line today for the first time in a year, and am looking forward to floating through the rest of my fears. Ironically, I am an anxiety disorder therapist and have a long history of panic attacks, but developed agoraphobia this past year due to pregnancy. I lost my way but your book is helping me on my path to wellness-bless you!!!

  • From Mishal Aljehani on My Free Book

    Thank you so much for all the help and effort and time you took to write this book.

    God bless you

  • From OAG on Contact

    Hello Mr. Smook,
    I was an agoraphobic for 2 yrs, and dealt with panic attacks and anxiety for much longer than that. I was able to manage to get around a 2 mile radius after 1 yr of suffering but with many setbacks. Recently I came across your ebook online, as I was looking for answers and help with my illness. Your ebook has changed my whole outlook on agoraphobia and panic attacks, and has changed my life for the better. I have been able to travel 1-2 hrs. away from home with little to no problem. What an accomplishment in my part. I am eternally grateful for your book. It was exactly what I needed to get the answers to all my questions and gave me all the information that I needed to move forward in a positive way. I have used your techniques (Dr. Weekes method) and have been on my way to successfully recover from this illness and I am never looking back. I will forever be grateful for your generous help with providing me all the knowledge that I needed to educate me and push me on my way to recovery. Everything that I needed to succeed is provided in your ebook.
    Thank you and I greatly appreciate you!

    • From on Contact

      You are most welcome OAG. It is for successes like yours that I do this and you are great encouragement to those who are still in the process of recovering.
      Thank you,

  • From Susan Hanley on Complete Book Download

    Having have anxiety / panic disorder for May years I am excited to come across book fbased on the teachings of Dr Claire Weeks. A woman well ahead of her time and a fabulous doctor who helped many to recover and go on the live a life free of anxiety issues

  • From John on Contact

    Wow! Un-freaking-believable! I have been suffering for over 20 years. Not complete agoraphobia, but anxiety about confined places… primarily airplanes, churches, etc. Thought I had researched every conceivable mechanism. For the last ten years, have relied on medication, which works just fine. But the trepidation and anticipation of the event would still haunt me. Don’t know how I stumbled on your book OR how I had not stumbled upon it earlier. But what a difference! Literally, in a matter of weeks I have improved dramatically. I visit the book almost daily and it is unbelievable how the simple process of floating and accepting the discomfort makes it go away. Most all my normal trap settings have been conquered. I’ve not yet had the opportunity for a plane ride, but at least I am not dreading it or living in fear of it!! I did have an unexpected relapse at the dentist of all places, but was able to focus and drift and recovered quickly. Hoping to take on Dr Weekes book(s) for summer reading; but really just wanted to bellow a huge thank you and God bless!

  • From Angela on Contact

    Hi 🙂
    I too have also ‘stumbled’ across your online book & have read it twice in full as well as bits & pieces each day. For the first time in 17 years I feel like I CAN & WILL recover from my panic disorder with agoraphobia. You are a wonderful man for sharing your story as well as this info. I too am in Australia & for all the years I have suffered & struggled, not one GP or counsellor has mentioned Dr Weekes method which I find really odd considering she is an Aussie. There seems to be no help available to people with agoraphobia (in my part of Australia anyway) & believe me, Ive tried. Desperately tried.My question to you Marius is this, how did you deal with your physical symptoms when they occured in public whether it was walking or on public transport? This is my BIGGEST fear/issue/block that I have. I run away when I feel my body going silly because I dont want people to see me hold my chest or flap my arms like a bird (lol) trying to make the feelings go away. I have never driven so walking is my only out. Do I just stop on the spot & ride it out or am I suppose to keep walking while it’s happening?

    Many, many sincere thanks.


  • From Susan Hanley on Contact

    Hi Marius,
    Firstly I would like to congratulate and sincerely thank you for writing this ebook, I have only just commenced reading, but so far it seems to be exactly what I have been searching for. Thank you so much for your efforts in putting this out there to help others, it’s amazing. So my question is, how do I find a practitioner in my area, I have not been able to access the list of practitioners for some reason. I am from Australia, I live near Brisbane in Queensland, any information on a suggested practitioner would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you


    • From on Contact

      Hi Sue,
      I am glad that the book is helpful to you. Unfortunately I do not yet know of a practitioner in your area that uses the Weekes method.
      Please get all of Dr. Weekes books and read them, especially Peace From Nervous Suffering. That book was my bible and I have never looked back.

  • From Natasha on My Free Book

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m in the active stages of recovery from panic and agoraphobia now having been on the merry go round for a number of years! I’m determined and confident I can achieve the same level of freedom that you have in time. I’m incredibly grateful for you sharing your story plus all the amazing and helpful advice on how to fully recover. Complete cure stories are seemingly in short supply and it’s incredibly inspirational to read yours. Thank you Marius!!

    • From Angela Endres on My Free Book

      Hi Marius! I just wanted to stop by and say that since my last post here in 2014, I now have been working for 5 months! Your book has forever changed my life and has been the best tool in my recovery process.

      I am just very thankful because I have my life back and even though I still have some hard moments, I know how to get through them and let them pass and they are fewer and farther between. I know now that full recovery is possible and I’m so close now.

      Thank you again and best wishes,


      • From on My Free Book

        Hi Angie,

        You are most welcome and I am so glad to hear that you managed to go back to work.

    • From on My Free Book

      You are welcome Natasha, Glad the book helped.

  • From rubi on My Free Book

    thank you so much for providing this ..

    • From on My Free Book

      Glad I could help Rubi.