• From Gabrielle rios on Is it ok to begin exposure with someone else beside me?

    Thank you Marius. Your work has been a great help to me. I wish you returned blessings! Ten fold!
  • From Byron on Contact

    Hi Marius,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and for making your book available through your website.

    I suffered from panic attacks and agoraphobia for 2 years, during which time I became so isolated that couldn’t honestly see my life ever improving. I tried a number of different treatments (antidepressants, counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy) with only limited results. At the age of 32 I felt like my life was over. Until one day I happened to stumble upon a forum post that listed two names: Claire Weekes and Marius Smook.

    A year on and my life has changed dramatically for the better. After years of isolation and fear I am again able to enjoy myself, reconnect with friends and travel. It feels like I have rejoined the land of the living! And that is thanks to you. The practical advice and personal experiences you share in your book were exactly what I needed to take those first steps towards recovery. I’ve still got work to do, but I’m confident that one day I will be my old self again – maybe even better!

    Thank you once again.

    Best wishes,

    Once a

    • From on Contact

      Hi Byron,
      I am so glad to hear about the strides that you have taken in your recovery. Thank you for your kind words, and also for your generous donation and support for this website. Please keeps us all posted about your progress.

  • From Jessica on Contact

    I just wanted to write to say thank you so much for this book. I just happened to stumble upon it one day while online searching for help for this terrible illness. I have been suffering with panic disorder and agoraphobia for the last 10 years. It has been the hardest thing I have ever gone through and I have been desperately searching for answers on how to help or cure myself…I want my life back! Since the moment I started reading your book I have found a sense of hope again. I want to try again and the deep depression and struggle seems to have lightened. Your book is a blessing and I would like to thank you for taking the time to share your story and the method you used to recover. I have already started “practicing ” and plan to do more. I only hope that I can have the strength to do what you did and fully recover from this horrible problem. Again, thank you a million times over. Your words are like reading a book about myself!

    • From on Contact

      I am very happy to hear that the book has helped you Jessica. Please keep us up to date on your progress.

  • From Angela on My Free Book

    Hello Marius,

    My name is Angie and I discovered your online book last November. It’s hard to believe it was almost a year ago. I just need to tell you that it has changed my life, and my daughters life.

    We are still working the system so to speak, and it has been a long rough road, but I went from being completely house bound for 2 years, and not having driven in 5 years, to having just bought a vehicle 3 weeks ago and driving further every day.

    I am 44 and my daughter is 22, and I have no idea how it affected us both, but agoraphobia certainly did. We each suffer it a little different but many things are the same and we don’t even live in the same household.
    I had my first panic attack in 2006 and then was on all kinds of meds and higher doses for the next 5 years. My quality of life was just diminished and soon I couldn’t work or drive then eventually I couldn’t leave the home.

    In 2012 I finally gave up all meds, and began researching, fighting for my life basically, since the only thing the doctors wanted to do was keep me on meds.

    I’ve been off medicine now for two years, I quit smoking two years ago and don’t drink ….I’m completely 100% just doing all of this sober I guess you could say. I learned to eat right and I did weekly sessions of therapy over the phone with a gal that lives in another state….and then I found your book.

    I couldn’t get the information to my daughter fast enough when I first discovered your book, I knew the minute I started reading it that it was a gift from God. It was time. I had done everything else I knew to get better and now it was time to put one foot in front of the other and begin to leave my house.
    I used to cry because I could see my mail box but couldn’t check the mail without severe panic. I couldn’t grocery shop. Anyway, I could go on and on…but I wont.

    I just wanted to write you and thank you and tell you that you have changed two lives here. In fact, one of my first times out practicing I walked down to the library (as I would try to breathe and float and welcome the panic) and I printed out your book so I could highlight things and have it with me any time I needed it.

    Take care and thank you again for taking the time to write and post a book that is free for those who are willing to try. God bless.


  • From on Contact

    Hi Bob,
    Thanks for making contact.

    “I sent you an invitation on LinkedIn. I just came to your new website, so you can ignore my LinkedIn invitation if you want to.”
    Sorry about that, I am trying to keep LinkedIn only for business contacts.

    “I have suffered from agoraphobia for many years.”
    I am sorry to hear this. It is so unnecessary.

    “realizing that the safe zone is a myth. I would like to feel and believe that my safe zone is me.”
    GREAT! That conclusion and thinking is key to your recovery. I will quote you to those that I am supporting. Very nicely put!

    “I have also been using the Panic Away system by Barry McDonagh. Are you familiar with this program?”
    I looked at it and he has done a great job of explaining how to recover. I plan to support and tell sufferers about him.

    ” I have driven to a few places(just slightly out of my immediate safe) where I would get a panic attack and have asked for more of it and it never increases.”

    “I also find that I knock myself down after I have gone somewhere, but I tell myself that I am proud of what I did.”
    Keep that up.

    “I plan to finish your book in the next two days I really do want to end this phobia and I know it will take dedication and action.”
    Contact me if you need support. I will help anyone who is actively trying, as you are.

    ” I am not really sure I am helping myself by doing a minimum of driving places”
    You are. Even if you are not doing any driving and only sitting on your couch practicing “right action readiness”, you are helping yourself.

    If you keep up with the attitude that you clearly have, and continue taking the kind of action that you have already taken, then there can only be one outcome: You WILL recover.

    Keep in touch. I am eager to hear about how you are succeeding.


  • From Sheila Bergquist on Welcome to my new Agoraphobia Cured website and blog

    I have been to your site many times in the last year or so and just wanted to tell you that this new site looks great! Good job! I am a devoted reader of Claire Weekes books and your site has been so helpful too.

  • From Angela on Welcome to my new Agoraphobia Cured website and blog

    I just wanted to thank you so much for your on line book. I discovered it in November 2013 and my life has been changing ever since. I had my first panic attack in 2006 and only since your book have I finally began to recover from Agoraphobia. I have it saved to my computer and read it often.

  • From Iva on Contact


    I found your beautiful book and I must say that it has a sense and that i basic what I heard from some people and psychologist that person with acrophobia mus do.But I have little bit different agoraphobia. My acrophobia started because I have heart sickness and i got arrhythmia when I was outside of house and needed to rush in er and take medicals. Since that happen I am in fear. I wanted to try your method but my problem is that I cannot just let my panic come because I always develop a dangerous arrhythmia together with my panic and I could really die from that. So this exposure therapy is bit dangerous for me.:-(
    I really hop you can help me somehow!

  • From Aziz Khan on About

    thank you sir so much for your efforts and information about this evil agoraphobia, i am suffering from this since 2009, would you mind if i have your skype add? if possible please shot it to my gavin e-mail 😀

    have good time sir!!

    • From on About

      I am glad that you found it helpful Gavin. I have emailed my Skype details to you.

      • From Aziz on About

        thank you once again sir, its really helpful, your supportive words just give me energy to move forward with allot of hope 😀

  • From Angie Endres on Support

    Hello. I discovered your online book in November of 2013, Just a month ago and from the day I read it, my life began to change. But today, I had a set back. I am trying not to get discouraged, but it can be frusterating. I mostly wanted to thank you so very much though, for writing this book.

    • From on Support

      Hi Angie. You are most welcome and I am glad to hear that you have experienced a change. Let me know what happened with your setback and I will try to help.