• From Aziz Khan on About

    thank you sir so much for your efforts and information about this evil agoraphobia, i am suffering from this since 2009, would you mind if i have your skype add? if possible please shot it to my gavin e-mail 😀 have good time sir!!
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      I am glad that you found it helpful Gavin. I have emailed my Skype details to you.

      • From Aziz on About

        thank you once again sir, its really helpful, your supportive words just give me energy to move forward with allot of hope 😀

  • From Angie Endres on Support

    Hello. I discovered your online book in November of 2013, Just a month ago and from the day I read it, my life began to change. But today, I had a set back. I am trying not to get discouraged, but it can be frusterating. I mostly wanted to thank you so very much though, for writing this book.

    • From on Support

      Hi Angie. You are most welcome and I am glad to hear that you have experienced a change. Let me know what happened with your setback and I will try to help.

  • From Sheree on My Free Book

    Thank you so much for freely sharing this amazing information and you’re story of achievement. Thankfully I have only suffered from panic attacks but the feelings are so similar and I am looking forward to obtaining my mental freedom from reading your valued information.

    • From on My Free Book

      Thanks for visiting Sheree. Let me know if I can help.

  • From on About

    You are welcome Julie. With your attitude, I am sure that you will recover. Let me know if I can support.

  • From julie on About

    Thank you so much.
    I just ordered Dr Weekes book and I will begin my recovery.
    I am a 39 years old stay at home mom of 4. It’s been 15 years since my first panic attack.
    You are the inspiration I needed. For the first time ever, I really believe I can recover completely.
    I needed that badly.

    Thank you again
    Montreal, Canada

  • From zoe on My Free Book

    Thank You for this. I have anxiety disorder and agoraphobia for 10 years now. Claire Weekes does a great job in her books. This past year has been my worst, however I am hopeful that I can overcome this. It certainly helps to have someone share that they overcome it. Thank you.