Volunteer page

Thank you very much for volunteering to help. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated.

Our goal is to find medical professionals who have read Dr Weekes’s books and who also have experience in helping sufferers using her recovery method. Then with their approval, to add them to our worldwide directory of medical professionals who meet the above criteria.

The first step is to be allocated an area that has not already been researched. This should be part of or an entire country.

The next step is for you to Google search psychologists in that area and identify those who’s specialities include either “cognitive therapy” treatment for “panic attacks” or “agoraphobia” or “anxiety.

When you find one, I would like you to please navigate to their CONTACT page and enter the below question message.

“I am looking for medical professionals who have experience in treating agoraphobia and panic attack sufferers using the Dr Claire Weekes method. Can you help?”

Enter my name “Marius Smook” as the Sender, and the Sender email address: Marius.J.Smook@Gmail.com

Finally, for us to update our contact management system so that we know that you have sent the question and for us to follow up, please enter the professional’s details into the below form (after entering the website address, always select “attach). You should then receive a submission confirmation message.

The psychologist will then reply to my email address and we will take over the process to add positive responders to the directory.

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